The REACH Dashboard

Subvise users spend 90% less time with very high accuracy tracking the regulatory status of their chemicals


Our Products


Our weekly notifications summary.

Tracking all REACH changes relevant to your substances in one simple document. Suitable for most companies who deal with a large number of chemicals to track and substances known to be hazardous. See an example.


Save time reviewing a substances’ history and information at a glance.

Organizes your chemicals in one place, showing the current status and action you need to take in one easy-to-use product. Perfect for companies with a smaller chemical inventory to track.

Subvise Report

Our detailed report: regulatory status, history, and expected regulatory timeline.

If you are developing a new product that uses chemicals, or if you want to know where your current products stand, this is the solution for you. Protect your investment with a detailed analysis of the chemicals you use. See an example.

REACH made easier

REACH is the most complex chemical regulation in Europe; every company who produces, imports, or uses chemicals in Europe is directly affected.

Set up a Subvise dashboard in minutes to see the REACH status of all of your chemicals at a glance, and receive alerts when any of these statuses changes.

Subvise features

  • Subvise is the most complete REACH regulatory data set available

  • Aggregates and interprets 25+ regulatory lists and documents *See below

  • Subvise updates its database automatically every day

  • Regulatory data presented in a clear, simple and understandable fashion

  • Intuitive design means digging deeper into the source of data is easy

  • Receive notifications about any relevant changes that Subvise detects each day

  • Who uses Subvise?

    ECHA Experts

    With Subvise you can group substances by the product they are used in, making chemical stewardship projects a breeze.


    Subvise sends you instant alerts when a regulatory status changes and gives you clear explanations and advices so you can focus on running your business.

    REACH Consultants

    With the monitoring dashboard you save hours of research time. You can also set up alerts on your clients' chemicals and know immediately when they will need more consulting work.

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